Washington Start-ups Link Donors, Charities

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Photo by: Michael E. Lee / Acumen Fund / CC BY-NC-ND Acumen FundCC BY-NC-ND

A website that aims to connect individuals based on their interests in charities and social projects was recently launched by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes in Washington D.C. The initiative, dubbed Jumo, is the latest of the numerous start-ups that focus on bridging donors and charities.

“A plethora of start-ups in the Washington area also operates at the nexus of social media and social good,” The Washington Post notes.

These initiatives include Citizen Effect.org, which aims to connect U.S. citizens and other interested individuals to international development projects such as food safety efforts in India or child care centers in Africa.

“The whole ideal is you don’t have to be Bill Gates to go out and be a philanthropist and help the world,” Dan Morris, the group’s founder and chief executive, told The Washington Post.

Other relevant firms are Small Act, a company that offers software designed to help nonprofits manage their various communication channels, and myImpact.org, which tracks hours put in by volunteers of various non-governmental organizations, the Post notes.

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