Webinar: Best practices in partnering with USAID

An excerpt from the “Best practices in partnering with USAID” webinar. Via YouTube.

For organizations looking to diversify funding sources, the U.S. Agency for International Development — as one of the world's largest bilateral donors awarding approximately $16 billion in funding annually in recent fiscal years — presents an attractive alternative.

What do organizations need to know in order to succeed as a prime contractor on USAID projects? Is subcontracting on a project always a necessary entry point? On Jan. 31, Konektid International and Devex outlined best practices in partnering with USAID.

This one hour webinar covered:
• How to apply for and succeed on USAID prime contracts.
• Three key things to keep in mind when applying for a USAID subcontracting opportunity.
• How small businesses can succeed on USAID contracts.
• How Devex helps advance a prime and subcontracting strategy.

The panelists also answered audience questions on air, including:
• Is it more common to subcontract with prime contractors on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis?
• How do you know when certain opportunities are open to non U.S. firms?
• Are there certain meetings that new potential prime contractors should attend?
• Is an organization ever too small to partner with USAID?

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Watch the full recording of the “Best practices in partnering with USAID” webinar here. Via YouTube.

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