Webinar: How to create a stand-out CV

By Emma Smith 31 August 2017
An excerpt of the webinar “What you need to know to create a stand-out CV.” Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

A candidate’s CV is often their first opportunity to capture a recruiter's attention and make a lasting impression. Ensuring your CV stands out from the crowd is therefore essential for a successful job search, particularly in global development, which is a competitive job market where the usual CV rules and norms don’t apply.

In this exclusive careers webinar, Kate Warren, Devex senior director and editor, talks through the seven steps for crafting a CV that will help distinguish you from the other applicants. Our in-house expert on global development careers, Warren recommends adding a bold headline under your name that describes who you are professionally and “branding yourself as the expert you want to be seen as.”

“I don’t recommend you have page length be your guide, but rather relevant experience” when determining the appropriate length of your CV, says Warren. “Anything you include that is not relevant to the job is just extra noise,” she cautions. Warren also recommends using these recruiter approved CV templates if you aren’t sure where to start.

Warren shares her expert tips on how to come up with an eye-catching headline, quantify your achievements and use relevant industry keywords to create a CV that sets you apart. She also discusses some of the career dilemmas common in the sector, such as employment gaps and long lists of short-term consulting assignments, and how best to address them.