Insights on USAID budget and policy impacts from the Q4 quarter business forecast

By Lisa Cornish, Arnau Rovira 16 August 2017
Devex analyzed the data on USAID's fourth quarter business forecast for FY 2017.

The fourth quarter release of the United States Agency for International Development business forecast on August 11, and its associated question and answer opportunity, revealed an aid program evolving daily under new leadership and budget restraints.

A total of 183 opportunities are listed for quarter four of 2017, down from the previous two quarters, and they range in value from $8 to $14 billion. In quarter two, water and sanitation projects were high priority, but by quarter four, projects associated with crisis and conflict had become the top priority. Those include opportunities such as the $2.5 billion Support Which Implements Fast Transitions 5 project. Meanwhile, regional priorities have shifted from Kenya, Nigeria and Gaza Strip to South Africa, Mozambique and Afghanistan — including a $750 million HIV project in South Africa, as shown in our interactive feature for the budget forecast.

USAID has said these business opportunities and associated budgets are subject to change as aid priorities and budgets are reviewed.

New opportunities

Despite the business forecasts being a work in progress, there are currently 20 new opportunities listed that are million dollar business opportunities — with two having budgets ranges between $50 and $100 million.