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DevexDemocratic lawmakers slam White House budget office for obstructing aid funds

19 September 2019

In a strongly worded letter, Reps. John Yarmuth and Nita Lowey condemned the White House Office of Management and Budget's "unlawful agenda" of interference in U.S. foreign aid spending.

DevexQ&A: The private sector's role in getting improved seeds to farmers

19 September 2019

Across Africa, researchers are developing more durable seed varieties, but getting them to fields remains a challenge. The private sector can help, says Joseph DeVries of the Seed Systems Group.

DevexHuman rights should be center of climate crisis action, new movement says

19 September 2019

Ahead of the Climate Action Summit, more than 200 representatives of leading environmental and human rights groups met in New York to spark what they hope will become an international movement.

DevexEnergy demand must increase in rural Africa to make mini-grids work

19 September 2019

Panelists at the Future Energy East Africa conference this week stressed the need to increase rural consumption of energy in order to make mini-grid solutions financially sustainable.

DevexNew report warns of the consequences of inaction on preparedness

18 September 2019

To date, 59 countries have developed national action plans for health security, but none of these plans have been fully financed, says a new report.

DevexUS aid experts ask — how much will Trump's development review matter?

18 September 2019

U.S. aid experts widely expect President Donald Trump to discuss his administration's foreign assistance review when he addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week.

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DevexADB chief announces resignation, Senate mulls aid budget increase, and Guterres plays hardball: This week in development

19 September 2019

Another ADB leadership race kicks off, the U.S. Senate rejects Trump’s aid cuts, and the United Nations chief holds the line on climate change commitments.

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DevexOpinion: The hidden drain on universal health coverage gains and health care budgets

19 September 2019

The availability of poor-quality medicines undermines efforts toward universal health coverage and is a drain on already limited health budgets, with global estimates of its economic toll ranging as high as $200 billion every year. Research from the Promoting the Quality of Medicines program sheds light on this issue.