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DevexWHO fraud, harassment cases on the rise

24 May 2019

WHO's Office of Internal Oversight is currently dealing with 167 cases, the majority of which concern fraud, failure to comply with professional standards, and harassment — including sexual harassment and abuse.

DevexIn Yemen, growing caseloads overwhelm international aid groups

24 May 2019

Ongoing conflict and inaccessible routes are testing aid workers' ability to reach the more than 24 million Yemeni people currently considered food insecure.

DevexNasra Ismail on the barriers to increased female leadership

21 May 2019

In the second episode of DevProWomen2030, a six-part audio series, Devex talks to Nasra Ismail, deputy director of the Somalia NGO Consortium, about the skills the next generation of women will need to reach executive level positions in development.

DevexThe rules of humanitarian negotiation

23 May 2019

Reaching people in need of aid often involves negotiating with those who control access to them — whether that is a government, rebel groups, or armed fighters. Devex meets the experts training aid workers in frontline negotiations.

DevexThe race to tackle snakebite

23 May 2019

"The only real barrier to [solving the problem of] snakebite is money, to be perfectly honest," said World Health Organization expert David Williams, as the agency launches its snakebite strategy.

DevexIDB wants the world to use its computer code products for free

23 May 2019

Through its Code for Development initiative, the Inter-American Development Bank makes available a repository of open-source software code it has developed for clients that can be reused for free to solve similar development challenges around the world.

DevexAid community caught off guard by Somalia drought

23 May 2019

After years of drought, experts were expecting an average rainy season in Somalia — but that's not what happened, and the aid community is now struggling to attract attention to the crisis.

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DevexBig tobacco, global health, and the limits of shared value

25 May 2019

Derek Yach, the president of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, believes that after 100 years of undermining policy, obscuring science, and destroying human health, big tobacco can still change.

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DevexOpinion: We need a digital revolution in global public health

25 May 2019

It's time for the global health community to harness the power of data for the world's mothers. Rockefeller Foundation's Naveen Rao explains how.