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A Way Out is an outreach and prevention charity which aims to engage, empower and equip vulnerable and excluded women, families and young people to live lives free from harm, abuse and exploitation and to reduce life limiting choices and behaviour. The unique selling point is the tried and trusted outreach and prevention approach to delivering the services, as they strive to engage and extend the reach to some of the most isolated and vulnerable women, families and young people bringing the services to where they are stood on the street, in their  homes, communities, schools or parks. Their aim and purpose is to prevent harm from taking place, or to prevent further harm from occurring and to help safeguard some of the most vulnerable people in this area. For over a decade the flagship Liberty service have supported, advocated and championed the rights and needs of on street sex workers providing a forum for their voices to be heard and a platform to help bring about institutional change. A Way Out is based in Stockton-on-Tees at a support centre called The Gate. This centre provides the base for many of the projects, offering a safe and secure place for women and young people to come and receive support and get involved in a whole range of activities. Values & Beliefs A Way Out is a charity founded upon a Christian vision and is driven by Christian values. A Way Out acknowledges that these values of Love, Justice, Compassion, Truth and a willingness to see things through, are not exclusively Christian values, therefore they recruit and are glad to embrace those of other faiths or no faith, provided they are willing to practise these values and understand that A Way Out is an organisation founded on a Christian ethos and driven by Christian values. Their values can be seen in the following areas: Excellence: A Way Out has high standards and strive to be excellent in everything that they do. A Way Out is professional and have clear boundaries & operational standards. Faith and Hope: A Way Out believes in the power of prayer and faith in the work amongst the most marginalised. Hope gives us a vision of a changed life.  Faith helps us believe for it.A Way Out welcomes staffvolunteers, supporters and service users from all faiths and denominations and those who are agnostic or atheist. A Way Out does not expect anyone at A Way Out to subscribe to the Christian faith, but to understand and acknowledge values above Love: A Way Out believes that love is fundamental to everything they do, the way they treat the staff, the way they treat each other and the wayt they treat clients. A Way Out believes that through loving care, clients are able to walk out their journey to recovery and restoration. Diversity and Equality: A Way Out believe that equality and diversity brings a rich flavour to all that they do, and they seek to work with people from all backgrounds regardless of sexuality, faith or ethnicity.

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