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Azerbaijan Foundation of the Democracy Development and Human Rights Protection



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersAzerbaijan
The organization was established a few year ago. It has been established by a married couple-Rena and Hajimurad Sadaddinov. The most unique feature of their organization is that at the time of its creation Hajimurad Sadaddinov was a political prisoner in the prison of strict regime. And the basis of the organization was created in jail. In spite of that these kinds of activities were illegal, Mr.Sadaddinov always protected his rights and the rights of other innocent prisoners. With the help of this wife Rena Sadaddinova, Mr. Sadaddinov worked hard for his own liberation and the liberation of the prisoners that he considered to be innocent. In the result of the hard work of Rena and Murad Sadaddinov many international organizations became aware of this case and among the Azeri community this activity was known as "All for One" campaign.  "All for One" campaign has conducted a significant job. This campaign has no analogues in the history of independent Azerbaijan. Thanks to their fund's activities they achieved that the Council of Europe committee of legislation and Human Rights sent an official demand to the government of Azerbaijan concerning Mr. Sadaddinov's liberation.  The campaign also achieved that Sadaddinov's case was discussed at the hearing in the Helsinki committee of the US Congress. At this hearing he was announced to be a political prisoner and his liberation was demanded. The final results of this campaign's activity was the release of Hajimurad Sadaddinov.  At present Mr. and Mrs. Sadaddinov are the heads of the Azerbaijan Foundation of Democracy Development and Human Rights Protection which is a non-governmental organization. This is the first non-governmental human rights organization in Azerbaijan that was invited by the Human Rights committee of the Council of Europe on April, 2001 to report on the situation with the human rights in Azerbaijan, and this report helped the Council of Europe to coordinate its work with Azerbaijan. Their foundation is the only one in Azerbaijan to have very strong connections with the Council of Europe.  As the result of their foundation's work many famous political prisoners have been liberated The main aim of the foundation is to support the development of democratic, legal state where human rights are being respected. At present time Azerbaijan is intensively integrating into various international structures, and at the same time the population is badly informed about the principles of human rights protection, etc. Thus the fund aims at accomplishing the following program tasks:  -To help the citizens to develop the positive system of values, and knowledge in the field of democratic basis,  -To help the citizens realize the role of lawful mechanisms in protection of their rights,  -activation of citizens’ participation in making decisions important for the society,  -providing the information on national and international legal mechanisms including the mechanisms of the leading democratic states,  - support in providing the citizens their constitutional rights, civil, economic, social and political freedoms as well as rights indicated in the international Legal acts signed by the Azeri government,  -monitoring of the human rights situation in Azerbaijan and in the Azeri jails ,  -conduction of charitable and humanitarian actions and programs,  -providing protection of the rights of those individuals whose rights have been violated, the foundation is especially active in protecting the rights of the political prisoners,  -the foundation prefers to collaborate with international organizations very much.

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