• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • HeadquartersLebanon
  • Founded2010
Nudge Lebanon is a nongovernmental and non-profit initiative working to apply behavioural insights to the policy challenges that Lebanon faces, using rigorous experimental approaches and tools typically used in the field of behavioural economics, such as randomized controlled trials. Nudge Lebanon is a leader in applying behavioural science to a variety of public policy settings, in particular, improving citizen-centred policies and steering people and organizations towards making the most optimal choices, for themselves and their communities. Nudge Lebanon has also an offering for academic institutions – the Consumer-Citizen Lab – which builds on its three pillars: 1. Observatory for policy research: Benchmark and research best practices, RCTs, and experiments that were conducted all over the world, and assess their potential applicability in Lebanon. In addition, the CCL will solicit suggestions from stakeholders to bring in some of their most interesting behavioural challenges as blueprints for potential experimentation 2. Lab for policy experimentation: design and conduct experiments to test the impact of behaviourally designed interventions, as well as collaborate with academic institutions to advance the use of policy experimentation in academia 3. Platform for policy advocacy: transform the results and outcomes of research and experimentation into behaviourally informed regulations Vision: Nudging for development and the rule of law Mission: Promoting greater adoption of behavioural insights in policies through RCTs and the use of other applied tools and methods Values:  -Development: Seeking constant and cost-effective improvements in the economics and social wellbeing of people -Libertarian Paternalism: “[Influencing] choices in a way that will make choosers better off, as judged by themselves”* -Empowerment: Working towards empowering citizens by providing them with better-informed choices -Citizenship: Fostering stronger sense of citizenship amongst people through different uses of behavioural interventions -Rule of Law: Promoting awareness about the importance of compliance with rules and regulations -Partnerships: Fostering collaboration and partnerships between behavioural insights centres, academic institutions, governmental entities, NGOs, and private sector organizations Activities: -They use randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and other experimentation methods to evaluate the impact of behaviourally-inspired interventions -They review government and organizations programs to improve their outcomes through greater use of behavioural insights -They build capacity of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of behavioural sciences and nudging through the organization of trainings and seminars as well as behaviourally informed workshops -They promote greater use of policy experimentation as a pre-requisite for sound policy-making -They produce knowledge and policy briefs on a variety of behavioural sciences topics -They collaborate with academia and other institutions on research projects in the area of behavioural sciences

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