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Perfume of Change

Violence nowadays in Albania towards girls and women is becoming a common practice. The horrific working conditions need to be addressed. Our activism aims to advance and protect women’s rights based in direct advocacy and action in footwear and textile industry, where it is noticed a high level of psychological abuse and sometimes physical harm. Through advocacy campaigns targeting local and national government, media broadcast, activism work in the industries of footwear and textile industries we will alleviate women status and right in our country. To begin with the situation that women are facing is quite dire. To better illustrate the condition, the media has made a detailed reporting regarding the obscene happenings in the workplace. Also, the Labor Code in Albania shows a high lack of amendments regarding women status on the sector. Their rights are not specifically stated, and they have not a concrete way to address the problem. We have devised a concrete plan to put a halt of this absurd treatment in the footwear and textile industry in Albania. All responsible institutions will be put in a position to take their rights steps to definitely bring remedy to the chaotic and inhuman conditions of women workers in the footwear and textile industry. After introspection, we did within the ranks of our own organization and data collection in the field we arrived in the conclusion that women are frustrated, denigrated in the level of fed up. They are ready to take action now; they need just the right catalyst. This movement has the great potential to become international. Only women can proudly defend with vigor their unalienable rights.
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