• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersPanama
  • Founded1989

Solidaridad Internacional (Nazioarteko Elkartasuna)

In 1989, Solidaridad Internacional Nazioarteko Elkartasuna (Non-Governmental Development Organization, declared of Public Utility) was founded, with the mission of supporting and giving voice to the most impoverished people on Earth, within the framework of the International Charter of Human Rights. During these years they have been the channel to convey the solidarity of Basque society to thousands of people who live in the most disadvantaged regions of the world. And theyhave influenced the awareness in their environment about the causes of poverty and inequality. To ensure that this solidarity reaches its destination in the best conditions and with the best results, Solidaridad Internacional Nazioarteko Elkartasuna has been carrying out its work with rigor, planning, quality, effectiveness and efficiency. They promote solidarity with the most impoverished people in the world and with the most disadvantaged people in their towns and cities. Their MISSION is the eradication of poverty, facing its economic, religious, cultural and environmental causes, as well as the extension of freedom and equal rights in the world. In coherence, they implement programs that contribute to sustainable human development so that impoverished people on Earth take control of their own lives. They work in: gender equity; the extension and defense of human rights and universal citizenship; environment and sustainable development; rights of nature; humanitarian action; education for social transformation; Africanist Resource Center; co-development; volunteering. The VISION of International Solidarity Nazioarteko Elkartasuna is born from the value of fraternity, and works locally with an international vision. GENDER EQUITY: The actions they promote in the world guarantee equity relations between women and men in all areas - internal and external -, both of their organization and of their local partners. And all their actions guarantee the fulfillment of women's human rights. HUMAN RIGHTS AND UNIVERSAL CITIZENSHIP : The extension and defense of human rights and universal citizenship mark all their actions and activities. ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: The local economic development actions theysupport are designed to ensure long-term sustainability and respect for the human, animal and natural environment. RIGHTS OF NATURE: They seek to expand the scope of their initiatives with the defense of the rights of nature in the countries or areas where theywork and there is a natural space with special biological or landscape features in which it is intended to guarantee its protection. Either a maritime or land natural park and meet in the mountains, at sea, in the desert or in any other geographically defined space. HUMANITARIAN ACTION: Their humanitarian actions have people at their center and strengthen local capacities for resilience, prevention and response in risk management EDUCATION FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION: They seek solutions for problems and development challenges of their world; they build new frameworks that enrich them individually and collectively with the different, and allow them to move towards global society. AFRICANIST RESOURCES CENTER: They put in value and make known, with the active and direct participation of African natural and legal persons, the great cultural, social and natural heritage of the African continent. They establish a dialogue between Africa and the West, in a horizontal framework of international cooperation. CODESARROLLO: The population of African origin in their environment implements, with their experience, the Nazioarteko Elkartasuna International Solidarity projects in their communities of origin, and the vision of their organization cannot be understood without their participation. They promote their recognition as subjects of law and support their full incorporation into their society. VOLUNTEER: The altruistic and supportive collaboration of natural persons in the daily life of their organization drives them , and at the same time strengthens society and the common good. The Nazioarteko Elkartasuna International Solidarity MODEL is that of an independent non-profit organization that fosters fraternity in the world, and is based on the values ​​of freedom, justice, secularism and universal citizenship. They work in very disadvantaged regions that only have the support of secular cooperation. And they implement a social and collective development in their lines of action, valuing the environment and animal life as a resource for sustainable human development. Their experience in social innovation has led them to consolidate a strategic axis of work with people of African origin in their environment in two lines of action: one, aimed at promoting their participation as subjects of full Law in their society. And the second line is getting its direct involvement in sustainable human development processes in their communities of origin.
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Company Offices

  • Panama (headquarters)
  • House of Associations Rogelia de Álvaro C / Panama, in front of nº 14 - Block A 01012 Vitoria- Gasteiz