What's at stake for aid in the Brexit deal?

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From funding to influence, Devex looks at the big issues for aid as politicians scramble to seal a Brexit agreement.

Can the UK contribute to EU aid funds after Brexit?

The United Kingdom currently spends more than 10 percent of its aid budget through the European Union — but what happens after Brexit?

Advice for women leaders from women leaders

From mentorship to how to read a room, find out what Devex learned at the Women Leaders in Global Health conference.

Australian Indigenous procurement strategy delivers

The Pacific Labour Facility is a new addition to Australia’s aid program — and it is also the first major Australian aid contract awarded to an Indigenous business following the introduction of new procurement rules.

Interactive: IDB trends and top consultant contractors 2016-2018

Devex analyzes the Inter-American Development Bank's top consultant contractors over the past two years.

Safeguarding adolescents when using HCD in family planning

Human-centered design can transform family planning for adolescents and young people, but safeguards are needed. A group of organizations has agreed to adhere to 21 principles.

Opinion: 4 essential steps for BUILD Act's development finance agency

Experts from the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network outline four steps the U.S. Congress and the White House can take to make the new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation deliver on its promise.

USAID, Corteva sign memorandum as part of private sector engagement strategy

USAID and Corteva Agriscience have signed a five-year partnership for Africa, which includes efforts targeted at Fall armyworm, and is a part of the agency's private sector engagement strategy.

Which seed companies are looking out for Asia's smallholder farmers?

The Access to Seeds index ranks companies serving small producers in South and Southeast Asia — and finds that those shaping their models around smallholder farmers’ needs can be profitable.

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Brexit chaos, Tanzanian aid withdrawals, and the state of family planning: This week in development

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The International Conference on Family Planning wraps up in Rwanda, the Trump administration celebrates the BUILD Act, and the World Bank and Denmark pull aid from Tanzania amid concerns over new policies. This week in development.

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