The World Bank presidential race heats up

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Who will President Trump nominate to succeed Jim Kim? America's hold on the World Bank presidency could be on the line.

Oxfam internal inquiry finds 'pervasive' culture of bullying

An independent inquiry into Oxfam International’s work on safeguarding following the Haiti scandal has reported staff concerns about elitism, racism, sexism, and "colonial behavior."

How is the US government shutdown impacting development?

The partial shutdown of the U.S. government, now in its 26th day, means that many of the government staff working on aid are furloughed.

Aid NGOs warn of disruption as Brexit deal collapses

Tuesday's vote means assurances offered by the EU withdrawal agreement have been lost.

CDC seeks sustainable investment in private health care

As the U.K. development finance institution ramps up investments in private health care, it wants to understand the impact it has on the broader health ecosystem in lower-income countries.

Aid groups grapple with loss of staff in Nairobi attack

Aid groups say they remain committed to their work after losing colleagues in Tuesday's attack on the Riverside office complex in the Kenyan capital.

Taking the conversation on ethics and technology beyond Silicon Valley

Discussions on privacy, bias, and security need to happen more globally, and at the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, leaders across sectors can build partnerships to mitigate these risks.

How polio campaigners won €55M for their fight

Devex speaks to Nicholas Whyte, a strategist who helped polio advocates win a major pledge from the European Union last year, about the ingredients for success.

How big grants can pave the way to more investment

As more philanthropists explore opportunities in global health and international development, models such as Co-Impact, which announced its first grants Tuesday, offer new ways for donors to join forces.

Inside Development

Brexit fallout, World Bank elections, and a deadly day in Nairobi: This week in development

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Development organizations mourn staff and leaders in Nairobi, Oxfam’s leaders welcome a highly critical report, and the World Bank presidential race heats up.

Global Views

Opinion: The 'impact imperative' for sustainable development finance

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The shared responsibility for finance actors to deliver on the SDGs means they must adopt a shared understanding of "impact," writes Jorge Moreira da Silva, director of OECD's Development Co-operation Directorate.

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