Minding the gaps at the Global Education & Skills Forum

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By Raj Kumar

The Global Skills & Education Forum, a kind of Davos for the global education set, is starting in Dubai amid a global "learning crisis" that permeates every aspect of the development sector. Devex Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar sums up what we might learn from a gathering of education leaders and practitioners looking for new ways to tackle a stark reality: Global education is failing.

5 questions on China's planned foreign aid agency

It's still a plan, but there is already a lot of interest — and hopes — in the possibility of a China international development cooperation agency.

Q&A: How to tackle fake news

A report published last month by the International Broadcasting Trust highlighted how development organizations are being targeted by "fake news." Devex speaks to Sally O'Connell, head of digital at Action Aid, about how the organization responded to fake reports about its chief executive, and steps that can be taken to protect staff from online abuse.

What does it take to create better representation for women in humanitarian media?

The lack of female representation in humanitarian media was the topic of research for the Humanitarian Advisory Group as part of a new research paper. But what to do about it?

India aims to eliminate TB by 2025

The country with the world’s largest tuberculosis burden this week launched an ambitious plan to eradicate the deadly disease five years ahead of the global target. But many doubt whether that goal can be attained.

Avatars for aid?

As XPRIZE launches a $10 million challenge for the development of avatars — remotely controlled robots that can transport the senses of their operators to distant places — Devex asks what the technology could mean for global development and humanitarian response.

Sweden is the first donor to resume Oxfam funding

The Swedish development agency has announced its decision to go ahead with a new three-year humanitarian partnership with Oxfam, saying the charity has shown it now has “strong rules and routines” in place to prevent abuse.

Red Cross chief: Humanitarian groups must 'rethink totally our people management'

Devex spoke to Yves Daccord, director-general of the International Committee of the Red Cross, about how humanitarian and development organizations have to partner for concrete results, what fragmentation means for humanitarian leadership, and how aid groups can work with more diligence to stamp out abuse. This is part two of a two-part interview.

David Beasley takes on global hunger

David Beasley is "not a U.N. kind of guy," but now that he runs the United Nations' hunger fighting agency, the World Food Programme, the former South Carolina governor is fighting to keep pace with the demands of unprecedented crises. Beasley spoke to Devex Editor-in-chief Raj Kumar on Wednesday as part of a Devex conversation series with policymakers in global development.

Webinar: Navigating the new DFID

Leadership changes. Oxfam. Brexit. Here's everything you need to know — from funding trends to supplier reforms — about navigating the new U.K. Department for International Development.

ILO chief wants to cut ties with big tobacco. Will the governing body heed the call?

More and more organizations are calling on the International Labour Organization to quit its relationship with big tobacco. But after ILO postponed a long-awaited vote on divestment today, many wonder whether the governing body will be able to reach an agreement by the end of its ongoing 332nd session in Geneva on March 22.

What impact will trade agreements have on global food markets?

The political uncertainty surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as the implications of Brexit, has left experts struggling to understand what their impacts will have on markets — particularly in developing countries.

Inside Development

UN claims sexual misconduct cases fell in 2017

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New figures from the United Nations indicate an overall drop in the number of allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against its staff in 2017, but advocates say there is more to the story.

Global Views

Opinion: Blockchain for development, explained

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Ric Shreves, Technology for Development Advisor at Mercy Corps, explains what blockchain is and how it an be used in humanitarian assistance.

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