As UNGA kicks off, Guterres calls for urgency


Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar kicks off Devex's U.N. General Assembly coverage by interviewing U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. Watch this video to see what he has to say on institutional reform, noncommunicable diseases, and #MeToo.

Social Progress Index 2018 reveals worrying trends

The index measures countries' social and environmental performance to provide an alternative picture to GDP — but this year's results were mixed.

5 stories to watch during the UN General Assembly in New York

The 73rd United Nations General Assembly has officially begun, and Global Goals Week is right around the corner. Here are Devex's five stories to watch.

Ripple Effect: The expansive impact of NCDs

While combating noncommunicable diseases is a global task, regional contexts cause unique challenges. In this visual series, we explore a few of these challenges through the stories of health care workers and individuals living with NCDs in three different countries.

An Australian perspective on UN disability development

In January, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will welcome Australia's first female representative — Rosemary Kayess. She talks to Devex about her hopes for the role.

Global health community steps up climate action

Climate change will pose the greatest threat to global health in this century. Last week, health leaders issued a call to action as part of an effort to make the sector a more active participant in the climate change debate.

UN chief António Guterres cautions financing will impact reform process

In a sit-down interview with Devex, Guterres said that system-wide reform is key, but might not reach full capacity without designated funding.

Funders are working to direct more dollars to the frontlines of climate change

The Global Climate Action Summit highlighted a growing recognition among funders that the most effective strategies against climate change must include frontline organizations working at the local level.

EU institutions cross swords over future of development finance

The European Commission and European Investment Bank are battling it out for control.

700 words and expressions to help aid workers communicate with Rohingya refugees

Words such as "gender" and "chlorine tablets" may be familiar to aid actors, but not necessarily to the communities they serve. Nonprofit Translators without Borders is on a mission to help aid groups find the right words to better assist Rohingya in Cox's Bazar.

Scant improvement on TB underscores need for urgent actions, say campaigners

Many TB stakeholders' key asks have made it in the final draft of the political declaration for the high-level meeting next week, but the sluggish numbers in WHO's latest TB report and low attendance from heads of states are putting a damper on stakeholders' spirits.

Inside Development

Social Progress Index 2018 reveals worrying trends

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The index measures countries' social and environmental performance to provide an alternative picture to GDP — but this year's results were mixed.

Global Views

Opinion: Skilled health workers are the foundation of a healthy world

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While there is no simple solution to achieve the SDGs, none of the health targets can be achieved without the health professionals who diagnose and treat disease in all its complexity. Overlook the major role they have in creating strong health systems, or fail to invest in building their capacity and sustainability will remain a faraway dream.

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