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We spent our year chasing stories of change and growth around the globe, aiming as always to keep you up to date on the latest tech-for-development trends, institutional changes, and sector-specific happenings that shape your work.

For our Devex Pro subscribers, we took our coverage even deeper. We profiled 17 development finance institutions, closely followed Chemonics’ response to challenges with its $9.5 billion project, and examined how DFID reforms have hindered contracting work. In response to your interests, we focused intently on USAID, with stories on how the agency measures self-reliance and what to expect from its procurement reform.

Here’s a look at our most-read Devex Pro stories of 2019:

1. Profiling 17 development finance institutions. As part of our series on the rise of DFIs, we explore the unique mandates, structures, and investment priorities of 17 bilateral development finance institutions.

2. Q&A: How Chemonics went from corrective action to commercial solutions. We speak with incoming Chemonics CEO Jamey Butcher about how the USAID contractor responded to early challenges with its $9.5 billion global health supply chain project.

3. Gates Foundation: Biggest mistakes by EU grant applicants. Nuria Molina, the Gates Foundation's senior program officer for the EU and the Netherlands, shares insights about the foundation’s work in Europe and offers advice on maximizing the chances of securing a grant.

4. UK aid contractors struggle to stay afloat. A number of British aid contractors are struggling to stay afloat after two collapsed in early 2019. We look at how DFID supplier reforms have hindered contracting work in the sector.

5. USAID goes back to the drawing board for global health supply chains. The agency is seeking input on the next iteration of its Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management project — a multibillion-dollar effort managed by a consortium that is led by Chemonics International.

6. USAID takes broader view of local procurement. In its latest procurement reform effort, USAID is forgoing top-line targets and highlighting the links between international organizations and local capacity.

7. USAID's private sector engagement policy takes shape. Late last year, USAID launched a new private sector engagement policy. Here's a look at what the agency has done so far as it works to implement it.

8. A look at UNDP's private sector strategy. UNDP is adapting its approach to engaging and working with the private sector. We consider what that means for the agency's future.

9. Top 10 UK development foundations. Despite geopolitical uncertainty and fluctuating exchange rates, U.K. charitable foundations still spent £4.5 billion ($5.6 billion) in 2016-17. Here's a look at which charities are spending the most on international development issues.

10. USAID moves from self-reliance metrics to implementation. We explore the metrics that make up USAID's development spectrum measuring self-reliance — with new insights on how the agency will harness these findings to redefine its country relationships.

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