M. Ataur R.

Team Lead- USAID's mSTAR Project at FHI 360

Bachelor's DegreeJahangirnagar University



Md. Ataur is team-centred, thorough and articulate. His life will tend to be a series of initiated, but unfinished projects. He is warm and gracious and believes in a philosophy of “live and let live”. As he puts as much energy into maintaining personal relationships than into maintaining tasks, Md. Ataur likes to keep a wide assortment of relationships alive and kicking. He is inventive, independent and can be extremely perceptive of the potential contained within the views of others. He is an imaginative and creative visionary who is a source of inspiration to most. He is always interested in seeing the possibilities, particularly in people, beyond the present moment. He is motivated by approval and reacts unfavourably to indifference or rejection from others. Md. Ataur displays fierce loyalty to and for people who report to him. He is bored by facts, details and repetitive activities, especially those not relevant to his current areas of interest. He is comfortable letting others manage the more technical aspects of a project so he can devote his full energies to creating a co-operative, comfortable environment. Md. Ataur can combine social expertise within his normally assertive behaviour. He is accomplished at working with individuals and groups and can quickly find himself pushed into a leadership role. Quick to see the possibilities of new ideas and projects, Md. Ataur is outstanding at initiating these and persuading people to support him. He likes people and tends to be aware of and appreciate a person's more admirable qualities. He is proficient at alleviating the concerns of others. With his friendly organisational skills, Md. Ataur is supportive of other colleagues and will enthuse over most projects. Md. Ataur's interest, enthusiasm and energy levels are high. He will dismiss negatives, being eager to accomplish the task. (an online assessment, refer over 90% accuracy.)


  • development
  • telecommunications
  • international development
  • usaid
  • research & development
  • test
  • goal global
  • bangladesh
  • united states
  • india
  • Sectors
  • Funders
  • Countries

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