Burnout: How I overcame it (so you can too)

In the face of stress and burnout due to the scope and nature of international development work, stepping back and creating space to recover and reassess is crucial. Photo by: Daniel Foster / CC BY-NC-SA

We all want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Doing so should bring meaning and fulfillment into our lives, as well as motivate and inspire us to do more. This is what we expect when we make purposeful work the focus of our career.

Unfortunately, many of us in the social good and development sector experience the opposite instead — burnout.

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About the author

  • Catarina

    Catarina Andrade

    Catarina is a transformational leadership & wellness coach that helps changemakers who feel overwhelmed when it comes to balancing their purpose-driven work with their personal health and happiness. She supports them to create more time and energy to get it all done with less stress and burnout, so they can feel inspired, do good sustainably, and increase their impact.