Liana Barcia


Liana is a Manila-based reporter at Devex focusing on education, development finance and public-private partnerships and contributing a wide range of content featured in the Development Insider, Money Matters and Doing Good newsletters. She draws from her experience in business reporting and advertising to generate coverage that is engaging, insightful and relevant to the Devex community.

Latest Articles

Careers in global development education: What you need to know
29 Mar 2016

Global education attracts a diverse crop of talented international development students and professionals each year. Devex caught up with a few experts for advice to break into this dynamic and rewarding sector.

Want to work on migration issues? Here's how
22 Mar 2016

The global refugee crisis has generated a need for development professionals and practitioners poised to respond to the diverse needs of IDPs and refugees, wherever they are in the world. Devex takes a closer look at what it takes to build a successful career around global migration issues.

Top employers in humanitarian relief
10 Mar 2016

Humanitarian relief is a dynamic and fast-paced global development sector that employs thousands of experienced professionals and technical experts across the world. Which organizations are among the top employers in this area? Devex rounds them up.

Recruiter-approved global development CV and resume templates

The international development industry is highly competitive, and it's crucial that job applicants communicate their strengths and qualifications in the best and clearest way possible. Download these Devex CV templates to help you take your development career to the next level.

Top global development employers in North Carolina
17 Feb 2016

An unexpected development hotspot, North Carolina is actually home to a number of high-profile global development organizations and consulting firms. Devex lists some of the largest global development employers in the state's Research Triangle and beyond.

Top global development employers in Washington, DC
9 Feb 2016

The U.S. capital is unsurprisingly one of the world's top global development hot spots, with numerous international NGOs, development consulting firms, funding agencies, think tanks and foundations calling Washington home. Devex rounds up some of the top global development employers in the Washington, D.C metro area.

Digital fundraising: 15 popular crowdfunding sites for social causes
19 Jan 2016

Millions of dollars for basic necessities as well as for longer-term projects can be raised through small amounts of money from individuals and entities around the globe, mostly through the Internet. Here are 15 popular crowdfunding sites for social causes and development initiatives, based everywhere from New Delhi, India to Brooklyn, New York.

Tips for conducting successful crowdfunding campaigns
4 Jan 2016

Effective crowdfunding campaigns might seem effortless, but in order to make them successful, organizations must understand the dynamics and work hard behind the scenes. What are the secrets to success? Devex asked some crowdfunding experts and campaign managers.

Where do we stand on women's human rights?
15 Dec 2015

Marissa Wesely, top corporate lawyer and coordinator of the Win-Win Coalition, a network that works to empower women through cross-sector collaboration, tells Devex how far we've come on gender equality, and what else needs to be done to truly be Planet 50-50 by 2030.

Transportation: A crucial piece of the climate puzzle
7 Dec 2015

What will happen if the world's second-largest greenhouse gas emitter cleans up its act? Devex explores just how big a role sustainable transportation plays in the fight against global warming.