Gautam Raj J.

SMEs. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation

Doctoral Degree



Summary of Professional Experience in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, InExpertise Areas: Entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem, SME, Private Sector promotion strategy and policy, Training curriculum and manual for MSME for men and Women and entrepreneurship in educational systems including TVET I have been working as a Professor and Director of Management institutions in top B schools of India in the area organization development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and incubation Offered over I have over 4300 person days of consulting in international environment with organizations like UNDP (Kenya), UNOPS (New York), UNDP (Uganda), UNDP (BENIN), ILO (Bangkok), UNIDO (Austria), EU (New Delhi), PWC, Asian development Bank, WM Enterprises (UK), African Development Bank, UNICON International (UK), the World Bank with Ministry of National Economy, Palestine, The World Bank and Transtec (Belgium), The World Bank and UNICON International (UK), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd Currently working on the World Bank Project on Women Entrepreneurship and TVET in Ethiopia and as International Master Trainer. Worked so far in 11 countries: India, Cambodia, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Palestine, Austria, UK, USA Published four books titled as 1) New Initiative in Entrepreneurship Education and Training covering 15 countries cases 2) Self Made Impacting Entrepreneurship 3) Marketing Communications Industry: Entrepreneurial case studies and 4) Shaping Organization Strategies and several research papers in reputed journals Organized two major international Conferences 1) International co “Innovation in Training in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development” participated by 25 countries (British Council High Commission) and 2) Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Imperatives for sustainable knowledge based Global Economy in collaboration with University of Essex, UK, LEEDs and OCED, France. Institutionalized self sustaining Business and Entrepreneurship training for start up with over 90% success rate and performance improvements of MSME owners in Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Cambodia, South Sudan for demobilization of armed forces. Developed training manuals and curricula for different target groups Developed curricula in entrepreneurship right from standard 1 to all levels of schools and higher level institutions and introduced in formal and education systems including women institutions in Uganda at all levels of educational systems and in Technical and vocational institutions in Nigeria. Also developed teachers training manuals Conceptualized District Business Promotion Centre and build the capacity for continuing MSME promotion in partnership with private sector and business Association as a part of decentralization framework for local area development for creating supporting infrastructure and local policy with training facilities in Uganda, Benin, and Kenya Developed strategy framework for Business Development Services, Competitiveness, innovation ecosystem for Palestine and established the most Entrepreneurship Development Centre innovative Communications technology based incubation Centre in India and promoted over 55 innovative digital enterprises A few important Millstones 1. In India I had worked with for over 9 years with one of the apex institution in entrepreneurship development set up by the country’s development Banks and coordinated support services leading to establishment of SMEs and pioneered the first family business programme. Conducted a number of long duration training courses for international audiences sponsored by UNIDO and Commonwealth Secretariat for MSME Development officials, Trainers and women entrepreneurs 2. Set up and headed for seven years the countries the most innovative Entrepreneurship Development Centre and Incubation Centre supported by Department of Science and Technology and initiated training, and mentorship support services which included venture capital, IPR, and regulatory systems; also utilized support of network institution such as National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE). Over 55 innovative enterprises were created in creative industry. 3. Institutionalized entrepreneurship training for SME Creation and development in Cambodia (1992), Uganda (1997-99), Kenya (2005-07) and Benin (2012). Conducted over 50 Training for SME entrepreneurs in India, Uganda, Kenya, Benin and Ethiopia. Training model developed by helped attain over 90% of success rate and satisfaction level rated as largely between 4.3- 4.7 (92% level of satisfaction) on a 5 point rating scale in learning goals achieved. 4. Supported UNDP, Uganda to Establish District Business Promotion Centres (DPSCs) for providing extension services to SMEs in partnership with local authorities and Business & Industry Association and also participate in local area development with local governance systems 5. Supported UNDP, Kenya in establishing District Business Solutions Centres and also in establishing Youth Entrepreneurs Association (YES-MSE) in Kenya. Both are currently working very effectively in turning out new entrepreneurs as well as improve the capacity of existing enterprises 6. My work played a key role in Uganda, as Uganda got rated highest on entrepreneurial index in 2004. My work spread all the 36 districts as it was based on commercially viable model and establishment of Business Promotion Centres in major regions of sustainability of SMES in Uganda in all major Districts of Uganda and Kenya. 7. My work also immensely contributed in setting up large number of Business Advisory Services and Training Centres in private sector in almost every city and town of Uganda and Kenya without government and UN's funding support - created commercially viable institutions manned by entrepreneurs and leaders trained by me. 8. I was also appointed as a consultant by EU for evaluating large size development proposal for establishment of private sector enterprises as well as support institutions and recommend the cases for funding with analysis of benefits and strategies 9. Introduction of entrepreneurship in education and religious institution in Uganda. I had prepared detailed curricula for all levels of formal and informal educational system and also training manual for teachers training and textbook writers. 10. Prepared two papers/proposals for Donors conference on Entrepreneurial and managerial skills development for sustainable industry in South Africa and Integration of women into food industry in South Africa for UNIDO, Austria (1994). Women: SMEs, Entrepreneurship, employment, Private Sector 11. As an International Master Trainer in women entrepreneurship, I had developed the curricula (with gender issues and challenges on Business for women in micro with less educated and women in the small enterprise with good education with training manuals. I had also conducted the training and they were well received by the participants with the rating between 95 to 100% on the satisfaction scale. I think such a comprehensive work in Ethiopia on women has not been done before and local counterparts are extremely happy about it. (2014-15). The training of trainers have now trained 20000 women in Ethiopia as per the target of the project and offered outreach technical training to women entrepreneurs. 12. In Benin, designed a 6 weeks training for women entrepreneurs and supported UNDP in setting up the first women Business Promotion Centre, which was inaugurated by Administrator of UNDP. Also the first Conducted a 5 days training for 30 women leaders heads of their business and Business Associations groups (2012) 13. Trained over 100 officers of Equity Bank in Kenya for setting up facility to support women entrepreneurs through advisory and financing their project (2007) 14. In India, Conducted a research on Training Need Assessment Study on women entrepreneurship and designed a 12 week training for women entrepreneurs and conducted the first most successful training in India in 1988; Presented a paper on Women Entrepreneurship: A Research Study”, and “Growth Oriented Entrepreneurs “, Presented at the National Meet of trainers and Chief Executives, EDI, Ahmedabad, March 1-4,1989. Conducted a 3 months training at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII); designed and implemented Entrepreneur-Trainer-Motivators Programme – (1990) for women officers for Asia and Africa supported by Commonwealth Secretariat, U.K. 15. Self-Employed women’s Association (SEWA)- the most innovative model for economic empowerment of women supported by National Council for Applied Economic Research and initiated by Ford Foundation, 2002): A research study on ‘Impact of Globalization on Garment Industry: A study of Home workers in Garment Industry”; developed Assessment of Competency based HR systems for women workers for SEWA and; Curriculum for strengthening NGOs capacity building in mainstreaming women in South Asian Countries, SEWA project with UNIFEM and conducted training for representatives of NGO’s from South-Asia to successfully form and manage interventions geared towards economic empowerment of women India(2003) 16. In International Context Management and Training for Women Managers”, SAARC Seminar on Women in Industry, Jaipur, India, Jan. 5-9,1988; Organized and conducted International Workshop on Training and Counseling for Women Entrepreneurs, sponsored by United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, Austria. (6-24 June 1994) 17. In Palestine, developed contents of online training and business advisory services to men and women in SME sector including financing services. Supported capacity building of incubation centres (2013-24) 18. Set up and headed for seven years the countries the most innovative Entrepreneurship Development Centre and Incubation Centre supported by Department of Science and Technology and initiated training, and mentorship support services which included venture capital, IPR, and regulatory systems; also utilized support of network institution such as National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE). Over 55 innovative enterprises were created in creative industry (2008-2011) Training of Trainers and Resource people: SME, Entrepreneurship, employment, Private Sector 1. In Cambodia, I played a key role in setting up and capacity building of Small Enterprise Promotion Centres by training over 100 Trainers and extension officers on behalf of ILO and UNDP. 2. Conducted over 40 Training Programme on Teachers and trainers training for schools, universities including MBA and engineering colleges in India, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, and also for international participants. I have prepared training manuals for training trainers as well as Teachers in formal educational system. 3. In Benin I had conducted Training for Enterprises Development Leaders as well as Enterprise Development Leaders who became fully qualified to conduct training for SMEs, offer consulting and other business development services and also develop new training modules for specific sector of enterprises 4. My current work in Benin pertains to development of Agriculture Sector through promotion of SMEs, and incubation Centre based on Songhai Model. Songhai Centre is one of the most innovative models in Agro and rural industry. I have conducted a 5 weeks on Enterprise Development Leaders who would help in setting up new centres based on Songhai model – A Green Rural Development and Incubation Centre. Developed concept note and proposal for setting up Business Promotion Centres. UNDP based on the proposal has already set up a Business Promotion Centre for women, which were opened by UNDP's Administrator on September 11, 2012. More Business Promotions Centres are being established. Gautam Raj Jain, Ph.D. +919825185748


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